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Puppy References
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Delta is a Dara and Pike puppy

Hi Roxanne
Sorry it has taken us so long for us to send pictures and a update about Delta.  Delta is very smart ,loving, want to please friendly dog.  She is 49lbs of today July 30 2009 and will be turning five mnths old Aug 5.  She loves to play with the kids and loves to play the game Hide & Go Seek.  Delta always finds the kids.  She also loves to play ball, play with other dogs, knows how to sit and stay and when its bedtime but I can go on and on what she can do.  Its been a great joy to have Delta in the family.  Couldn't ask for a better dog and friend.  She has been a wonderful addition to the family
Thank you & Take care
Grande Prarie, AB
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Coda is a Precious and Pike Puppy:

Hi Roxanne,
Thought you might like to see some pictures of Coda hard at work chasing sheep this summer :-) We've been taking stockdog lessons since May - he has a blast and I get a workout! Hopefully I'll be able to trial him one day - my goal is to have him beat a Border Collie at at least one trial, He's just turned two, so hopefully he'll be a little more disciplined by springtime!
Edmonton, AB
Candy is a Elfi and Pike Puppy:

Hi Roxanne,
Candy is now 10 months old,& she loves her ball. Honestly,she is so ball driven I can make her do anything for that ball.
She is so pretty Roxanne. Gentle too ! I couldn't have asked for a more sweeter dog than she !
Thanks again,
Edmonton. AB
Chico is an Elfi and Pike Puppy.
Dear Roxanne,
Chico is doing well. His training is going great. He listens very well. Everyone loves him. Can't believe how nice his colouring is. He sure does like the cabin, (he's) learning how to ride on Skidoos as well as chasing behind. He has several other dogs at the cabin he's friends with. A 2 yr old Black Lab, 2 yr old Black Retriever, (2) 2 yr old Huskies, and a Chow Chow puppy that is 1 day older than him. Let me tell you, they have a lot of fun together!!
He was at the vet on Jan 21st for his last set of needles, at 4 months old, he was 40 pounds. He's a big boy & we love him dearly. Still trying to find time to get more pics on face book for you. Hopefull soon I will have it done.
Thank-you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.
Labrador City, NF
Jake is an Elfi and Pike puppy

Good Morning Roxanne,
I am sending you 2 photos of Jaguar " Jake" alone and one of him running in the yard (at 10 months old). Feel free to use these photos, they are yours. He is perfect in every way. When I weighed him over a month ago he was 65 Lbs. He is a very good boy and gets compliments any where he goes.
Take care Roxanne and thanks again for providing us with a perfect dog.
Fred & Linda
Scoudouc, NB
U P D A T E ! ! !
Hi Roxanne..
Its Tiffany and Jeremy from Grande Prairie Alberta :).. We were lookin at the pups last night that you had :).. Jer liked the White girl lol.. and we thought it was time to send another photo of Delta :) Delta 2 yrs old winter of 2011 .. She's been just wonderful .. The family nanny :). My other eyes when my back is turned from the kids.. Very friendly , she's very goofy lol at times . doesn't mind gettin dressed up is play clothes from our daughter :).. LOVES the water , runs good beside a bike . Listens very well .. just a perfect dog :)... I hope all is well with you and the family.
Tiffany & Jeremy
U P D A T E ! ! !
Good Morning Roxanne,
Jake is now a year old and I am sending you some photos taken yesterday. As you can see in the 1st photo he is a very curious boy. He has a ton of energy, is very obedient and possesses an excellent temperament. We are very proud of him.  Thanks again for providing us with such a perfect example of the breed!
Fred and Linda
Scoudouc, NB
Cisko is an Elfi and Pike Puppy.

Good afternoon, I recieved my Canadian good neighbor. Certification. From ckc today i will send you a copy.  We also just completed the therapy dog evaluation.  Guess what?  We passed as a team, next week is orientation to work in the old folks homes, then after 40 hrs, the hospitals. He did so amazing the ckc evaluater from Red Deer was so impressed with him.  It was a three hr evaluation and he was flawless.  I love my handsome 'K-9' Thought Id let you know so you can be proud of us! 

Much love. "Cisko"@ Ang
Lethbridge, AB
Hi Roxanne,
Itís Jill, Jeremyís wife.  Jeremy took sick back in June and he has been in and out of the hospital ever since.  Luckily I had to go in and feed and walk Dara while he was in hospital.  I was terrified but she very quickly warmed up to me.  She is the most loveable, affectionate, caring, protective dog we have ever known.  She fell in love with me almost as fast as I did with her. 

The reason we got her was to guard our business.  Well, Jeremy seen her in action the other night. Three guys tried to break in and they met Jeremy and Dara at the door.  Dara took all three guys in the legs and Jeremy got one guy.  Jeremy was hit in the stomach and head but Dara left those guys really hurting.  Jeremy left in the ambulance that night and didnít come home until 2 pm the next day.  Since this happened, Daraís been more relaxed.  If this sort of thing keeps happening, we are considering getting another female dog from you for our home.  We have a female (fixed) jack Russell now and was wondering if you have any female adult dogs that would tolerate her???

Oh and one more thing.  DARA SAVED JEREMYíS LIFE THURSDAY NIGHT.  Please tell your husband that he should be very proud of her because I know that we are.  We are very thankful and grateful to have such a wonderful dog like her!!!!!
"Dara" after being retired from our breeding program, went on to a new job of doing what she was bred and trained to do (and loved to do more than anything) - Personal & Property Protection
U P D A T E ! ! !
Hi Roxanne,
Jake is back to his old self. The bandages on his rear legs come off Tuesday and the stitches on his legs will be removed next week. There have been no issues with the neutering. He weighed 75 Lbs the morning of the surgery. Dr. Arsenault went over the hip and elbow X-rays with me and everything was perfect. He commented that Jake had good muscle tone and it was obvious he was getting lots of exercise. The Hospital Staff told Linda that he was the model patient!
Take care,
Fred Hunt
Raw Food Diet
Cabela is a Farrah and Pike puppy
Hi Roxanne,

Cabela is doing great! She is so much fun and a wonderful addition to our family. She settled in very quickly and has been a happy camper ever since! She was quick to learn her commands, like sit, stay, down, leave it, paw, bed, and she is learning to bring her toys on demand. We have a little more work to do with having her come when we call her outside, but we are sure that will come with a little more practice.
She is definitely a very happy puppy. She is always smiling! And when we have taken her to the vet, her vet tells us that she is the "happiest puppy she has ever seen!" Her vet also affectionately refers to her as "Wild Thing". I guess she is living up to the high drive of her breed. Cabela enjoys her walks, runs, and doggy daycare. Her new daycares says she just loves other dogs and that she is very well socialized. We were very happy to hear that because she loves playing with other dogs (somehow I see a second dog in our home one day soon). We have socialized her with a few younger children we know and she does well. The only issue is that she wants to jump up and lick them to death. Do you have any suggestions for breaking her habit of jumping up on people when she's greeting them?
I have included a few pics of Cabela from when we first got her and recent photos. We think she is absolutely gorgeous! We often have people comment on how beautiful she is and we are sure to tell them where she came from.

Thanks again so much for her...we both love her so much!
Tracy and Adam
Moncton, NB
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Jax is a Judy and Pike Puppy.
Hi Roxanne,

Things are going quite well, he is doing great with the crate training and only had two slip ups in the house that we caught in the act and corrected. He does alot of chewing and biting lol but is easily devirted to his kong ball and other chew toys, we're having a great time training him so far and he gets all kinds of play and attention. We did end up staying with the name Jax, it seems to fit and he seems to listen to it well so we stuck with that. The raw food diet is quite easy to follow and does he ever make that bowl of food disapear in no time, he loves it. Our cat isn't very happy with us at the moment but all in all things are going good, and we got some pretty good laughs out of those two already. He has quite the personality and were both very happy with our choice. We will send pics in a couple weeks to show you how he is doing. If theres anything you need to know or just want an update don't be shy to send an email or call anytime. Thanks again for everything and letting one of your "babies" come home with us.

Take care,
Luc and Cynthia
Holmesville, NB
Kalen is a Judy and Pike puppy
Hi Roxanne
This picture was taken end of July last summer (5 1/2 months old). He is a big boy and a smart boy. He is doing very well - very athletic, loves to chase birds and squirrels - typical shepherd he exceeds at catching the chuck-it balls. Very friendly but watches over the house. I take him to a day care once in while to be socialized with other dogs and people because we are fairly isolated where we live.
Take care
Fredericton, NB
Bullet is a Judy and Pike Puppy

I can't believe he was ever that tiny! He's a beast now at 110lbs! I love him!
Bullet's 1st Birthday!
To those of you who aren't pet lovers, you will think I'm nuts... To those that can't live without their furbabies, I'm perfectly normal! I will be the first to admit I have a slight obsession with my dog! LOL!
Happy Birthday to my sweet little furbaby! Makes me smile every single day! Thanks Roxanne for the most amazing puppy ever!
Wabush, NL
Bella is a Judy and Pike Puppy

Bella is growing everyday in every way. We love her personality and she gets more beautiful every morning I see her.
Sorry I missed you at Diane's opening. She has a great place there and we are happy she is so much closer to us and takes great care of our girl.
We can't wait to get to the cottage. Bella loves it on the beach and everyone loves her there also. We get lots of compliments on her. She is sexy and she knows it. Lol. She is such great company and loyal and loves everyone she comes into contact with.
Hope all is well with you. And I will get you those pics. I put some on Facebook.  She loves her pic taken.

Chrystal & Brian
Sackville, NB
Sierra is a Farrah and Ex puppy

Hi Roxanne,
Here are a few pictures of Sierra for you. Hopefully by now your feeling better. Itís been a very busy couple of weeks no complaints...I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new little girl Sierra. I donít think you could have given me a more perfect little girl she is so sweet and cute and seems to be catching on to things quite quickly.
Centerville, NS
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Powell is a Farrah and Pike puppy

Hi Roxanne.
Powell will be three years old March 9. Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of him. He has turned out to be a great friend and enjoys living here in Gouldsboro Maine. He really enjoys chasing the squirrels and anything else that moves out here in the woods. We all love him very much. He has turned out to be a great German Shepherd.