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Puppy References
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Star is a Precious and Pike Puppy:
Hi Roxanne,
I wanted to share Star's vet appointment with you as she went for her vaccinations today. I remember you saying I could e-mail or send pictures of Star anytime. So, She is now 18 months old and weighs 72.5 pounds. I felt pretty proud when the Vet said that if every German Shepherd she saw was as healthy as Star, it would be a perfect world. Something like that. She is healthy. Her hips, joints all that stuff are fine. Her teeth, coat everything about her is perfect the Vet said. So I was happy. Very happy. Thank you again Roxanne. Star is great!
From Cheryl & Gary
Edmonton, AB
Tess is a Precious and Pike puppy

Hi Roxanne,

Here is the latest picture of Tess - today 2 years old. Thank you very much, we just love her to bits.

Take care,
Klara McMorran,
Stettler, AB
Max is a Tiki puppy
Hi there!!
My boy Max is fabulous smart and quick we love him to death. I am home with him now since leaving my position in the city and my husband is working pipeline so it is me and Max most times. He is a wonderful traveler as well as he goes everywhere with us - when I head north to see Jer he rides along. He is a nice boy, and at the two year stage he is full of energy.
I have attached a picture of Max - in the water last summer on a camping trip on the Blackstone River and peeking at his play toy on the bales, bath time he loves the hose, as well as in the house.
Take care
Sundre, AB
Congo is a Tiki puppy

Congo is a three year old male german shepherd he is a certified Canadian Search and Rescue dog and has been certified for the last two years his training began at 7months old and there was no looking back he found his job in life and thoroughly enjoys it . He is very good at what he does and is very focused when working . We are a team and will continue to grow together in this field as the learining never stops and Congo is always up for any new challenge that comes his way .

Medicine Hat, AB
Shadow is a Tiki and Pike puppy
Here is a picture of Stormy Magic Shadow, from Merlin & Deborah . He is a beautiful dog, and we love him. He is so smart! We are wanting to look for a female for him as he will be 2 in October. We went for a long walk on Mother's day and took him with us. If you have an idea what bloodline we should pick for him please let us know.
Thank you,
Merlin & Deborah
Rocky Mountain House, AB
Lock & Lee are Dara and Pike puppies
Hello Roxanne,
So nice to hear from you and I do hope your move went well! I finally have a pic of our pups for you where they are not blurs!. Feel free to use it for your website if you like. This is "Lock" and "Lee" taken just a few weeks ago! (Nine months aprox.) and still growing! Lock loves playing Frisbee and Lee loves a ball. I am still trying to get pic of them individually where they are in the same position as the ones you have of Dam and Sire. We are all doing well here and will keep in touch! Take care for now!
Be & Glenn
Airdrie, AB
CONGO is SAR Certified
Jersey is a Tiki and Pike puppy
Hi There!!
It was great talking to you the other day! Here are some pictures of Jersey that were taken in the first couple weeks that we had her home, including the one of her and Devon on her first night home. Like I said yesterday her other ear has finally stood up and she looks amazing! Every time I take her for a run people are always commenting on her and ask me about her.
We had our second puppy class today and the trainer can't get over how well behaved she is for being so young. She is a very quick learner and we are SO looking forward to seeing the big pup she grows into.
Thanks again for the newest member of our family. We love her so much and it feels like she was just meant to be here with us. I will send you some more updated pictures here in the next week or so, so that you can see how much she has grown.
Talk to you soon,
Take Care,
Amanda, James & Devon
Fort McMurray, AB
Rita is a Precious and Pike Puppy:
Roxanne ... Rita got her SchH 1 today. I'm very proud of her. Tracking was very hard, we were the first ones to go and it was windy and -1C, she missed one article and she never does usually so she got only 78. Obedience 85 and protection 91!
Calgary, AB
Call for pricing.
Candy is a Elfi and Pike Puppy:

Hi Roxanne,
Candy is now 10 months old,& she loves her ball. Honestly,she is so ball driven I can make her do anything for that ball.
She is so pretty Roxanne. Gentle too ! I couldn't have asked for a more sweeter dog than she !
Thanks again,
Edmonton. AB
Storm is a Elfi and Pike puppy

Storm is a 1 year old male....he has lots of raw food......I got over my fear of has something pretty much every day with his dry food, whether it be a chicken wing, turkey leg, chunk of beef on a bone...Plus he has fruit whenever i do, apples, watermellon and strawberries are his favorites. I also buy him the raw minced stuff at the groomers here, she has it all pre minced and done in bags...he loves it....and we love him!

St. John's, NF
Raw Food Diet
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