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5Y5/55 P
DOB: January 20, 2008
Hips: A-normal (SV)
Judy's Pedigree
Judy is the daughter of 2007 WUSV CHAMPION (2nd) Ergo Hartis Bohemia.  Judy is a large (63cm,84lbs.) solid black female.  She is a very well rounded dog with sound and solid nerves and an unbelievable temperament.  Judy is a very social dog that loves both children and other animals.  Judy excels at both family and property protection.  And thanks to her phenominal pedigree, she has tons of drive!  We are very pleased with the amazing puppies that have been produced out of this carefully selected female.
Bendzi Ben-Ju (Judy's Dam) & Judy z Vojanky
Raw Food Diet
Breed Survey :  5Y5/55 P
5:required strength, build, refinement; Y:Totally Black; 5:brave,hard against threat, easily manageable, good natured; 5:Attack from Hiding Place - excellent bite, hard against threat, excellent reflexes; 5:Stop with Counterattack - excellent bite, hard against threat, excellent reflexes; P: releases bite.
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